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What are Optimum hotspots?

Optimum hotspots are a network of over 2 million super fast WiFi internet access points in locations including shopping centers, major streets, train platforms, parks, marinas, sports fields and more. Plus, we're adding new locations each day. Another plus? Hotspots are FREE for Optimum Online customers.

The Optimum Network

You can get online even when you are off site because of our ever growing network. If you can do it at home or the office, you can do it at an Optimum hotspot. Check your email, update your Facebook, download a song, or watch a video from any hotspot location. Then, tweet about all of the above. If you're so inclined.

Saving on data overages

Instead of racking up unnecessary cellular data overages, Optimum WiFi users can enjoy free WiFi in the places they go every day. With access to over 2 million hotspots in the Tri-State area, Optimum WiFi can help you lower your cellular data bill by up to $20 a month*.

* $20 per month savings is based on a downgrade from a 3GB plan at $60 per month to a 1GB plan at $40 per month.

Spotting Optimum hotspots

Find Optimum hotspots by viewing the available networks on your WiFi device and finding the network name 'optimumwifi'. To find the nearest hotspot now, check out our map.